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Cupcakes @ Berko

On our way to a photo exhibition last Saturday we walked through Marais and just couldn’t resist the cupcakes at Berko on Rue Rambuteau. The choice was a difficult one as the rows of cupcakes in all colours of the rainbow seemed to continue as far as the eye could see, but I went for the Violette flavor, which was without exaggeration the best cupcake I ever tasted. Sitting down at the small terrace in front of the shop we even got some rays of early winter sun. Back home, when I was looking at Berko’s website, I was happy to notice that the company also has a shop in Brussels – I wouldn’t say no to another one of these! That was a seriously good cupcake. 10 minutes and 2,20€ well spent.

home sweet home

It’s good to be home again. We spent the weekend walking around Paris with the camera but ended up with just a hand-full of pictures (and a sore neck). Sometimes it’s nice to walk around and breath in the atmosphere instead of looking at the city through a lens. But I’ll still have a few nice things to share during this week…

barge life

I’ve always been fascinated by the small barge homes by the river Seine. They look so bohemian, artistic, colourful, cute and cosy, and it is amazing that these serene little homes remain safe from harm year after year in the very heart of the city. What a way of Life!  

Sunday in Paris

Sorry for the silence. Since I came back from Paris the days have been flying by. But now I have a moment to start going through the pictures from the city of light. Let’s start with this outfit from last Sunday. The weather in Paris was brisk and cloudy, perfect to take my new leather pants out for a walk. I had actually been looking for a good pair of leather trousers for months, but couldn’t find them anywhere in Dublin or in any of the online stores I desperately browsed through. And while I wanted a beautiful pair in soft lamb skin, I didn’t want to break the bank either. And finally one day on my way home I found that the perfect pair was waiting for me in one of the thrift stores on Caple Street. I had them altered at Fitz and altogether spent less than 50€ for a perfect, tailored pair. Happy happy! I got a new favourite jacket from Helmut Lang at the sales at Printemps and I love it! …

Misty Paris

To take Paris by surprise on a misty winter morning when the tourists are still munching their croissants at the hotel buffets and the salesmen just opening their stalls by the river is a rare bliss. To sit upstairs Shakespeare and Company surrounded by stories and a humming cat sleeping by my side or walking by the river with a cup of coffee warming my hands as the streets above start to fill with voices that soon grow into the usual hustle. To find a piece of gold and let it go. To listen to the sounds of an accordion echoing from the alleyways. Just to be, there, a part of it.