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des jardins d’espoir

I know it’s Movember, but while we’re admiring the impressive moustaches on the streets, at our offices or at home, I wanted to share something else equally important. Somehow this year the Pink Ribbon campaign seemed to pass by almost unnoticed. I even tried to google it a couple of months ago to find out if anything was going on, but it seems that this valuable campaign is much more scattered than it’s male equivalent; The events seem to be taking place at a more national level and vary significantly from one country to another. But on our trip to Paris, we were just in time to catch the Des Jardins D’Espoir exhibition at Hotêl de Béthune-Sully close to Place Des Vosges. The exhibition was a part of the Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo Award, where 40 photographers had come together to present this topic from their creative perspective. The exhibition was beautiful and moving and the location at a beautiful courtyard could not have been better. You can find more information about Des Jardins D’Espoir …


When I grabbed this bunch of roses on my way home I didn’t realize how big it was. So 15 minutes later I found myself looking for extra vases from our glass recycling bag.