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The better “bad” with spinach and ricotta

I love pizza. It’s just too bad that after a tasty and juicy margarita I often feel bloated and heavy. Also too bad that the gluten-free pizza bases don’t tend to offer that same crispy stone-baked feel. So, while looking for the perfect gluten-free (vegan!) pizza that exists in my dreams and at Blazing Salads in Dublin, I decided to try and make a slightly healthier version. The base has less gluten and more nutrients and the toppings include leafy greens and fresh herbs. All ingredients are organic of course, so I won’t mention that separately on each line. This recipe makes two pizzas. Pizza base: 2 or 2,5 dl of whole grain rice flour a good 3 dl of whole grain wheat flour 2 large table spoons of tapioca powder 1 bag of dried yeast 2 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil ( + 1 table spoon separately) 0,5 tea spoon of Himalayan salt 2-2,5 dl of warm (not hot!) water Mix the rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca powder, dried yeast and salt …

Girls night in the country

Last weekend I got a small break from the city, when we visited my friend’s beautiful house in a small village outside Brussels. I don’t have to go far to realize how stressful everyday life is in the city. Here I could breath in the tranquility of life together with cows, horses, sheep and birds surrounded by forest and corn fields. And just when I thought that life is sweet we got to eat delicious homemade pizza while watching a romantic comedy, laugh until it hurt and speak in our own language! In the night I slept like a log without any ambulance speeding by or tram shaking the building.