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tabouleh salad with cauliflower

Last week I made a tabouleh salad using Finnish organic quinoa. The end result was a sticky, gooey porridge. It got eaten, but not with a big smile. This time, I decided to try cauliflower instead and Yes, now we’re talking! This recipe is raw, simple and quick to make, so even better. Side dish for 4-6 people: 1 middle-sized cauliflower 1 small red onion or 1/2 of a bigger one 1/2 cucumber 2 large, firm tomatoes 1 bunch of  fresh flat leaf parsley 1/2 bunch of fresh mint juice of 1 lemon 1/2 tsp ground cumin salt & pepper to taste Wash and chop the cauliflower florets into fine pieces or use a food processor to grind it. Do the same with the peeled red onion, flat leaf parsley and mint. Mix them all in a bowl. Remove the seeds from the tomatoes. Chop them into small cubes and add to the mix. Cut the 1/2 cucumber in half lengthwise and scoop out the watery seeds part with a tea spoon. Cut the cucumbers …

small raw coconut-chocolate treats

I love raw deserts and especially the little raw balls, which we call “voimapallot” in Finnish; Voima means power or strength. Easy to make and just sweet enough, these small treats make a delicious desert or a snack on-the-go. I needed to make desert for a dinner party tonight. I had “nothing” in my cupboard, very little time and I need to go to the dinner straight after an evening yoga class. So, these little treats saved the day, they’re waiting for the evening in the fridge (expect those two that I absolutely needed to eat immediately, just to make sure they are ok 😉 ) This recipe makes 20 125 g pitted dates 0,75 dl coconut oil 2 tbs espresso coffee 1,5 dl gluten-free oats 3 tbs raw cacao powder 1 tbs chia seeds pinch of salt pinch of vanilla coconut flakes (or more cacao powder) to decorate Soak the dates for 30min-1h if necessary (you can buy dates that are soft enough to use as-is, but you might need to soak them in water, then squeeze …

sunny side salad

As the weather is warming up, my warm soup lunches are turning into colorful salad picnics outside. This simple salad works on it’s own or as a side dish. It’s crunchy, it’s sweet and it’s summery! Here is what you’ll need: 3 medium sized carrots 2 ribs of celery a handful of radishes 2 tbsp of sesame seeds a generous handful of seeds (sun flower & pumpkin) a handful of raisins juice of half a lemon and juice of half an orange extra virgin olive oil to taste (1-2 tbsp) Wash, peel and grate the carrots into a bowl. Wash and chop the celery into slices, wash & slice the radishes. Throw in the rest of the ingredients and give it a good mix. This recipe is enough for 2 people, or 4 if used as as side salad.

raw berry cheesecake

It’s only since I got into raw dessert-making that I fell in love with “baking”. Before I rarely bothered to bake fluffy muffins or death-by-chocolate brownies, but now I’m more and more into sweet things. The great thing is that these recipes are easy to make, actually good for you and don’t give that sugar-high followed by regret like those brownies and cakes so often do. So, here is my first cake recipe, which is sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and if you substitute the honey with agave syrup or another sweetener, it’s 100% vegan too. I hope you enjoy it. Base 1 dl almond powder (or peeled almonds) 2 dl pecan nuts 1 dl coconut flakes (unsweetened) 16 dates (soaked for at least 4 hours) pinch of salt Using a food processor, mix all the ingredients into a thick paste (I used my Jazzmax juicer which has a function for turning nuts & dates into a paste). Press the mix firmly and evenly into a springform cake pan and put it into the freezer. Next, make …

le Paris végétarien, ça existe?

The French cuisine is world-known but often lacks vegetarian options. I’ve always found it hard in to find a decent vegetarian dish on the menus in the restaurants of Paris, so now when another trip to the city of light approaches I thought I’d ask for some advice. If anyone out there has a tip for a good vegetarian or raw food restaurant in Paris, please leave a comment 🙂 Whether it be a cute little lunch place or a gourmet restaurant for a romantic dinner – all tips are welcome.