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Bonnie & Jane

I recently discovered a wonderful little shopping district just off Place Brugmann, where Rue Darwin meets Rue Franz Merjay. There are some interesting antique and vintage shops as well as clothes stores selling collections of designers you might have difficulties finding anywhere else in Brussels. Then there are also beautiful stores such as Cachemire Coton Soie and Moon (the latter selling luxurious bath and bedroom textiles). Last Saturday me and my friend stopped by at Bonnie & Jane to take a look at the stunning interior and interesting selection of collections mixing the Parisian moods and Nordic landscapes with brands like Mesdemoiselles Paris, Blacklily and inouïtoosh. As I was taking a weekend off from carrying my camera, my friend An was there with her iPhone to save the day. This little store might be a bit off the main shopping districts of Brussels, but it’s definitely worth the journey. This statement ring that is now decorating my friend’s finger is from a Swedish designer JohannaN.


I found this picture in the archives and just had to share it. I still have my first pair of Miu Miu shoes; they’re gorgeous and impossible to walk with. Shoes: Miu Miu, Dress: Helmut Lang


It was a quiet weekend, just recharging my batteries and spending some simple moments with loved ones; like afternoon tea at Chez Franz I was wearing my new super comfy sweater from Ahaha Creative Prints, more on that later… Thanks for the pictures An!


Is it me or is it more and more difficult to get up in the mornings? Even if I come from Scandinavia where the winters are dark and cold, I’m really struggling with this seasonal change year after year. But now, after washing my eyes open with cold water, two cups of tea with cookies and a few drops of vitamin D I’m finally somewhat awake. So it’s time to grab the umbrella and face the day. Dress: Vintage

tips for sunday

Tomorrow will be all about hunting for vintage treasures and discovering new designers! The Second Life Festival at Hotel Berger. Hotel Berger at nr 24 Rue Du Berger is opening it’s door to vintage lovers. From 3pm – 9pm the beautiful rooms turn into vintage shops, where you can find jewellery, accessories, old records and home decoration items. Le marché des créateurs at La Tricoterie at nr 158 Rue Théodore Verhaegen. Almost 30 designers will be presenting their work at the stylish industrial setting promising to offer “something for every taste”, doors are open from 10am – 4pm and why not have a brunch and visit the bio market while you’re there. Rencontre des créateurs contemporaires is a quality market in open air at Wolubilis. More than 40 designers from Belgium and abroad. Open Sat 2pm – 7pm & Sun 11:30am – 7pm. Not to forget the usual second hand market at Place Jeu de Balle and the numerous vintage stores on Rue Blaes and Rue Haut. Some of my favourite vintage pieces at the moment: I bought the …

sometimes too much is just enough

This weekend’s sewing project is finished! I was happy that the weather stayed just warm enough for me to wear my new dress on our way to see Woody Allen’s latest. I found the fabric already over a year ago but never quite knew what to do with it. All those dogs and bling bling seemed a bit too much. But I actually love my new tunic dress; and there is no need to accessorize! And P.S. I loved the movie Blue Jasmine too!