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chamomile & lavender tea for some winter weekend relax

I’ve totally fallen in love with this simple infusion combining two ancient medicinal herbs. It’s the perfect relaxing beverage for the winter season. In addition to their soothing and relaxing effects, Chamomile can help alleviate fever and allergies and boost digestion, whereas Lavender stimulates circulation, acts as a tonic for the nervous system and has antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. And did I mention that this infusion tastes just heavenly? Just mix the two herbs in 50-50 ratio, infuse for 5min and enjoy. Please note that while some of the medical properties of these plants have been established and commonly accepted, the writer of this blog is not a medical professional; just someone who loves nutrition and learning about natural healing 🙂

tea and sympathy

It was a nice surprise when a recent house guest brought us the same mugs I remember looking at back in Ireland many months ago. Rob Ryan’s “This Same Moon” set of two mugs is cute and romantic and true to essence of the work of the British visual artist specializing in paper-cutting and screen-printing. You might have seen his colourful illustrations on the pages of Vogue magazine or Paul Smith clothes collection; just to name a couple of his many collaborations. For more beautiful items, visit the designer’s Etsy store here. Perfect for a rainy November evening tea moment.