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o tannenbaum

I remember when I was a kid my dad went to cut down a tree from our family forest and the day before Christmas eve it was brought in from the cold and decorated. And the smell of winter green filled the living room. This year I have my own Christmas tree, in a pot, looking all super cute. Mini Christmas tree from The Garden at Powerscourt.

the flower pot

For some reason it always seems that dust appears from nowhere just hours after a thorough cleaning. In order to improve the indoor air quality – which surprisingly can often be many times more polluted than the outdoor air in the city – I did a little research about suitable house plants to purify the air we breath. The first plant I chose was a Peace Lily, which has a great ability to remove air pollutants. As this plant enjoys a place in mid-light to shade, it moved into the bedroom. Secondly, I got a small Aloe Vera plant, which in addition to its numerous medicinal properties effectively removes formaldehyde and electromagnetic radiation from the air. The gorgeous rustic clay pots are from the most beautiful flower shop in Dublin: The Garden at Powerscourt.