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my jump

My story about leaving the corporate world, jumping out of the hamster wheel. Life change.

now, wait a minute!

I recall times when I could stand at a bus stop watching the cars drive by and clap my hands together to stay warm. I was able to queue in line at the cheese counter pondering my choices between the Parmesans, Manchegos and Goudas peeking out between the shoulders in front of me. I could survive my friend popping into the ladies room between the main course and dessert by sipping my wine and observing my fellow diners and the waiters at work. I was even able to pass a couple of hours on a train by simply staring out the window to the changing landscape, imagining how it would be to live in those towns or walk those roads or sit by the fire in one of those cottages by the lake. And then I got a smartphone, with internet, and waiting became unbearable. The first thing I do when I’m left alone with nothing obvious to do is to take out my phone and start browsing Facebook, the news, blogs, you name it. And I’ve noticed …

Wake up, smile and say: I’m Back!

This morning I woke up and for the first time in five days I felt (quite) good. After almost a week in bed recovering from a nasty gastroenteritis, I still felt tired and my pants were too big from the waist, but I felt that this morning there was a change for the better. During the week I’ve learned to let go of all ideas about being productive, as I realized that while I was sleeping and keeping myself hydrated, my body was working hard to recover; so I decided to give it the best possible conditions to do so. So those days were not wasted, and today is a new day. And they’re all important and unique and we’ll never get them back. I guess what I am trying to say is this: Don’t let Today pass by unnoticed because your hopes and dreams are for tomorrow. When Tomorrow arrives, it will be another Today, just like this one. Dream about Today instead, and you can find yourself living the Dream.

License to Be

A doctor just gave me three days off to recover from a stomach virus, with instructions to rest as much as possible and eat cooked vegetables and crackers with chamomile tea. Now I’m sitting here at home, realizing how difficult it is just to Be. Even with a sore stomach and zero energy levels I feel quilty. Thinking about everyday life I realize that the hours outside the nine-to-five life are pretty fully booked. I’m either on the yoga mat, planning the sequence for the next workshop, hunting for the good morning light to photograph a dish or working on illustrations for the next blog post, and then posting it. Then meditation through the headphones on the tram, or surfing the internet on the phone to look for inspiration or the latest news of the wellness world. The evenings pass by quickly by experimenting with new recipes, writing, photoshopping, meeting friends, working on some assignment for a course I’m taking at the moment, reading related literature or self-development books. And of course the house needs …

1/12 vegan

When joining the Vegan Challenge (website is in Finnish) two weeks ago and committing to a vegan diet for January, I was equally looking forward to experiment as I was nervous about cutting off cheese and eggs from my diet. I’ve been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for over 20 years, with a handful of meals with game or organic beef in the past five years, but I never tried to completely eliminate all animal-based foodstuffs before. My main worries were the protein and calcium intake and my impression of many meat and milk substitutes as being highly processed. During the first couple of days I found it a bit challenging to adapt to the new style of cooking. I’ve used ghee or butter for cooking and avoided vegetable margarine like the plague. But I had a big jar of coconut oil at home, so I started using that for cooking and continued to sprinkle olive oil over the cold dishes. I stocked up on organic tofu, chickpeas, lentils and beans for protein and filled the fridge with vegetables …

Welcome 2015

As we’re about to step over that imaginary an mystified barrier, leaving the old year behind and embracing the New, it’s a good chance to look back at 2014. What are its valuable gifts that we can take with us as we enter 2015 with our hearts open and full of hope? In 2014: What positive changes did I implement in my life? What mistakes did I do in 2014 that I can laugh at in 2015? What made me grateful? What made me happy? What did I learn from the most painful experiences? Who’s life did I touch? What made me proud? Did I set myself goals that I did not achieve? What stopped me from achieving them? Would I like to try again in 2015? How did I grow as a person?

a new week

I think I can state with confidence that a lot of people said this morning how much they “hate Mondays”. OK, most of us need to get back to work, most of us feel that we are not working in our dream job, the lazy mornings and days are over for a full five days before we can again close the PC, clock out and shout from the bottom of our lungs: “It’s Friday!” (at least mentally if not out loud). Especially if we stayed up till early morning hours in the weekend, it might be difficult to get back into the routine again. This morning I forced myself out of bed at 6am. I did my yoga and right now I’m writing this and having breakfast. I’m lucky that I can start working anywhere between 7 and 10am and this allows me to have plenty of time for myself in the morning: Exercise, take a shower, beauty ritual, nice breakfast and some surfing on the internet. Wouldn’t it be great if we could enjoy …