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Dec 21: Winter Solstice

This morning I woke up a good two hours later than usual and it was still dark outside. However once I got myself to get out of bed and had a cup of coffee, the day turned out really bright. The good news started with my boyfriend becoming a proud uncle, making myself feel a bit aunt-ish too 🙂 After that we got a lot of Christmas shopping done, founds some real gems at the local flea market, run into a friend and discovered an amazing little store (I’ll go an do an interview later, as I really want to share it with you!) The rest of the day was dedicated for relaxing, watching a movie, drinking tea and enjoying the candle light. I also reminded myself of the importance of taking time for myself; during the next week I plan to make plenty of time for yoga and walks in nature. It’s a good moment to reflect a bit and prepare to embrace the new year and the longer, lighter days.  

Dec 1 – reconnect

December is here and the next weeks will be busy for the most of us. Thinking about how and with whom to spend the holidays, trying to find the perfect personal present for the loved ones, cooking, baking, cleaning and budgeting for it all; The list goes on. For a moment, let’s stop all that and make sure we remember that the Christmas season is a good opportunity to remember those friends with whom we’ve almost lost touch in the everyday hustle and bustle, invite someone over for a coffee or pick up the phone and call a family member just to wish them a good relaxing Sunday and catch up a little.  


The week went so quickly it was hard to keep up with it. Lately I’ve been really feeling the end of year approaching as the tension in my neck has been growing and the mental to-do lists have gotten longer and longer. “I should” do this and “I should” get that organised, but actually what I really need to do is stop with the “Shoulds” and take time for myself. Everything will be OK, one thing at a time. Today is a beautiful sunny winter day and I’m going to go outside, meet some people and smile. Anyone else feeling the Christmas stress trying to take over?


On Wednesday I went for the first time in my life to a meditation class. I have meditated many times before at home, but a few days back I spotted an ad on a shop window and decided check it out. And after all this recent hassle and changes in my life  it was wonderful just to sit down in a quiet room and let someone talk my way through to relaxation and peace of mind. My mission for the next upcoming days is to try to be as fully present as possible and use all my senses to experience each moment fully. This is one of the biggest challenges I can imagine, since our minds get constantly distracted and if someone asks what did I have for lunch yesterday, I find it hard to remember; just because I wasn’t really there. So, let’s just take a moment and breath a little.