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foggy morning yoga

I woke up on Monday morning to the smell of fresh coffee and my husband singing to himself in the kitchen. We were staying with my mom who had already left for work. When I entered the living room, still rubbing the sleep off my eyes, I noticed the thick fog outside and wanted to get to the lake before we’d lose the magical atmosphere. We were the only two people out on the lake. Cold and quiet. Inner warmth. Fresh air cleansing the lungs. The world, the past and the future, invisible, blurred. Just the breath and the body.

easy beetroot salad

Back, at last! New computer, new Photoshop subscription and new energy. Luckily I had stored the photos from the past couple of months on my camera, so I can start sorting them out now 🙂 Let’s start with an easy-to-prepare goat cheese & beetroot salad recipe from a sunny lunch at the Finnish Archipelago a few weeks back. You could serve this hot or cold, it’s not crucial to have all the ingredients either, feel free to improvise – that’s all part of the relaxed holiday cooking, right? For 2: 1-2 pre-cooked beetroots, cut into thick slices. piece of goat cheese cut into 6 generous slices two slices of dark bread (we had a traditional archipelago bread, but use a bread you like and toast it before constructing the salad if you prefer) 1 scallion washed & sliced pine nuts (optional: toast them in advance on a pan) liquid honey fresh thyme Drizzle some honey over the bread and place a slice on both plates. Start building the salad, alternating between the beetroot and the goat cheese, …

Today’s To Do list: Relax

Another beautiful summer day in Åland with nothing on our To Do list. Still I rolled out my yoga mat on the terrace for a good 1,5 hour practice while Barry was typing on his computer. The light breeze was rustling through the trees and the sounds of traffic were replaced by flying beetles and other wildlife. Some reading, good eating and just breathing in the fresh country air. Ice water with fresh mint and lemon, a simply perfect summer drink.                  

Country living in Åland

After a brutal 5AM wake-up call we had a wonderful morning on the boat to Åland. Time passed quickly with yoga, reading and people watching as the hang-overed Finnish youth crawled by our table on the sun deck. What awaited us in Åland was even better than we could’ve dreamed of. Jacqueline from Björnhufvud B&B picked us up from the bus stop in style in an cream white antique Mercedes Benz. The B&B itself is pretty much heaven on earth. We had a delicious home cooked dinner in the beautifully restored main house that combines old world charm and modern rustic luxury where all the objects have a purpose or a story; or simply bring natural beauty. We settled in the conservatory overlooking the idyllic estate. A piece of jazz is playing in the summer evening and there will be no alarm clock for tomorrow.

Picnic day in sunny Stockholm

A day spent out in the sun, breathing in some Scandinavian sea air, eating delicious food (Raw lasagna and green juice from Cleansing Days were heavenly). Then yoga, reading and a game of cards. When a couple in their eighties rolled out their picnic blanket next to us and took out a bottle of bubbles and strawberries it was official: We’d found The Good Life.

Fika in pure nature in the heart of Stockholm

Today we walked over to the Tekniska Museet and ended up spending over four hours there marveling at the different inventions from x-rays to refrigerators and hydraulic engines. We had moments of pure nostalgia at the computer games section with Super Mario and Pac Man and played with lasers and even had a game of ping pong. Afterwards a Fika on a jetty, some yoga and just soaking up the peaceful atmosphere with hundreds of geese and many locals who had appeared in the park with their picnic baskets.

Practicing the art of Hygge

Now already writing this from the other side of the Øresund bridge, we can look back at a relaxing Monday in Copenhagen. It was a day full of moments qualifying as “Hygge”, an essential part of Danish life, meaning spontaneously enjoying the good life with loved ones. We walked and walked, enjoyed delicious smørrebrøds at Torvehallerne, had an invigorating double espresso at Coffee Collective, strolled through the stunning Botanical Gardens, visited the grave of the great storyteller H.C. Andersen and paid homage at the statue to his most famous creation.

Sunday excitement at Tivoli Gardens

No matter how old you are Tivoli Gardens is sure to bring out the child within you. Today we laughed, screamed from the bottom of our lungs and shouted from the top of our voices as we hurled through the air on the many magical theme park rides. Tivoli Gardens is a fantastic universe with a distinct old world feel down to the last detail. Walking along the narrow streets of the China Town felt like we were characters in the movie Spirited Away, just waiting for the dragons and demons come to life as the lanterns would light up. Aside from the exciting & terrifying rides, Tivoli offers plenty of choices for eating out as well as concerts, theatre, aquarium and plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces to relax and recuperate. After an action-packed day we found a calm evening falling by the water’s edge as we strolled through beautiful avenues and quiet streets to the restaurant Höst, which deserves all the praise it has acquired for it’s stunning rustic design and affordable organic gourmet cuisine. We …

hotdogs & hippies

After a delicious organic breakfast at our hotel we stepped out into the less than perfect Copenhagen summer with an umbrella and a flask of jasmin green tea and set forth in search of hotdogs & hippies. Our walk took us through the high streets, canals and bridges of the old town all the way the free-city of Christiania. After passing through the drug centered promenade we found ourselves surrounded by creative residents fixing their boats, working on their gardens or simply chilling out in the quiet surroundings of this creative community. I laid out my mat by the lake and took a few moments to savour the unique atmosphere provided by the picturesque surroundings and the fresh rain-cleansed air before I began my familiar practice. Christiania has many small cafes and eateries to explore and we found a perfect afternoon pick-me up at Morgenstedet.                                     The whole community is overgrown, with nature allowed to run free much …