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DIY yoga mat wash

Here is a recipe for a simple yoga mat wash for daily use. Using naturally antibacterial essential oils ensures that your mat keeps fresh & clean for your practice. You’ll need: 500-750ml spray bottle 450ml Spring water 50ml white vinegar 10 drops lemon essential oil 10 drops Tea Tree essential oil 5 drops peppermint essential oil You can also use other essential oils like lavender or rosemary. Add all ingredients to your spray bottle and shake. Spray your yoga mat wash generously onto your mat, wipe with a damp cloth and let dry before you jump on your mat. Enjoy!

foggy morning yoga

I woke up on Monday morning to the smell of fresh coffee and my husband singing to himself in the kitchen. We were staying with my mom who had already left for work. When I entered the living room, still rubbing the sleep off my eyes, I noticed the thick fog outside and wanted to get to the lake before we’d lose the magical atmosphere. We were the only two people out on the lake. Cold and quiet. Inner warmth. Fresh air cleansing the lungs. The world, the past and the future, invisible, blurred. Just the breath and the body.

Picnic day in sunny Stockholm

A day spent out in the sun, breathing in some Scandinavian sea air, eating delicious food (Raw lasagna and green juice from Cleansing Days were heavenly). Then yoga, reading and a game of cards. When a couple in their eighties rolled out their picnic blanket next to us and took out a bottle of bubbles and strawberries it was official: We’d found The Good Life.

Fika in pure nature in the heart of Stockholm

Today we walked over to the Tekniska Museet and ended up spending over four hours there marveling at the different inventions from x-rays to refrigerators and hydraulic engines. We had moments of pure nostalgia at the computer games section with Super Mario and Pac Man and played with lasers and even had a game of ping pong. Afterwards a Fika on a jetty, some yoga and just soaking up the peaceful atmosphere with hundreds of geese and many locals who had appeared in the park with their picnic baskets.

Say Hello to the Sun and to Feeling Great!

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) is a perfect warm-up at the beginning of a yoga practice, but it’s a workout on its own too and can be a great way to start the day when you have limited time for exercise. Sun Salutation increases circulation, brings flexibility to the spine and works on the whole body energizing and increasing concentration & focus. It is the perfect little ritual to meet the new morning with gratitude and set the energy and mood for the next activities of your day. Like with all yoga postures, allow at least 2-3 hours after a meal (sun salutations are a great way to start the day before breakfast).  Move with your breath, breathing through the nose. Inhale on the lengthening poses and exhale as your body folds. You can start by practicing each pose individually, staying longer in them to find the perfect alignment and then move on to practicing the whole sequence, allowing your body to flow smoothly from one asana to the other. You can start by doing 3 …

snowga on lake Äkäslompolo

The spring sun is already shining over Brussels, so I’ll quickly throw in some wintery pictures from my recent trip to Finnish Lapland. While Bikram yoga is drawing the crowds into hot studios, I decided to try Snowga: The perfect way to practice heartwarming asanas and fill up the lungs with fresh air while connecting with the surrounding winter nature. Namaste.