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lunch at the laundrette

Since I’m busy packing, I have to make the most of every minute. I was trying to make a super fast pasta while my clothes were turning round and round in the machine at the laundrette. But once the pasta was cooked I had to run again to throw my laundry into the dryer. So, I ended up eating my lunch at the laundrette while listening to the humming of the machines. While I was eating my pasta from a lunch box, I remembered my favorite café in Saint Petersburg. At Stirka you could order drinks, delicious toasts and listen to live music while waiting for your laundry. I even ended up having a photo exhibition there. Those were the times…

And for the pasta: Chop one onion and some garlic and fry them a bit in olive oil in a saucer. Add some dark soy mince (spiced with soy sauce, chili and paprika powder and salt. You should add some water to the soy mince 15min earlier, so it’s nice and ready to use). Then add a few chopped cherry tomatoes (I had 5) and tomato sauce. Let the sauce cook slowly while the whole wheat pasta is boiling. mix and enjoy. I would’ve added some Parmesan cheese if I’d had some.

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