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challenge accepted!

I decided to challenge myself not to buy any clothes in 2013. This includes shoes and accessories too. I’ve done pretty well so far with 1 item bought this year (before my decision). It’s not that I would be spending loads on clothes anyway, but I like to browse second hand shops and occasionally purchase more expensive designer items. Living in a small apartment has made me realize that I actually have a lot of stuff, why would I need more? If I really need something, I can make it myself. So, hopefully this doesn’t mean it will be a boring year from a blogging perspective but instead a year of DIY, upcycling, re-intenting and creativity. I’m sure this new approach will force me to re-evaluate what I really need and to invent ways to keep my wardrobe up-to-date without entering the shops. I’m committed and would like to send this challenge out there to the world as well, in case someone would like to join me.

clothes challenge

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